Bahra University

In a last attempt to woo electors to vote in support of BJP candidates, Prem Kumar Dhumal has cautioned the voters of Himachal Pradesh that every vote cast in favour of Congress on November 4 will be a vote in support of rising prices, corruption, neglect and injustice perpetrated by the Congress governments both in the State and the Centre against Himachal.

In a press communiqué, Prem Kumar Dhumal alleged that Congress has failed to promote and protect the interests of Himachal and ensure justice for it from the UPA government. Referring to Virbhadra Singh’s statement, in which he had called the BJP government ‘corrupt’, Dhumal advised Singh to introspect before leveling any allegation on others. He challenged Virbhadra Singh to first get himself cleared of serious charges of corruption against him.

Dhumal raised serious questions over the Congress led UPA Govt and accused it for the price rise and corruption. He accused the center Govt for reducing the quota of food grains, kerosene oil and sugar from one KG per month to 550 grams per head in the State. He added that Himachal got its share in Bhakhra-Beas Management Board from the Supreme Court. He claimed that Manmohan Govt filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court opposing the claim of Himachal. He alleged that even after ruling of the Supreme Court center Govt didn’t released the amount of nearly Rs. 5000-cr to state.

15 august 2021