BJP has termed the election speech of Dr. Manmohan Singh as self contradictory. Praveen Sharma state Vice President and convener of state election committee has stated that on one hand the Prime minister had awarded the state with 1st prize in the sector of education, building of roads, health and 20 points programme of the central government and in the election rally he talks about Himachal Pradesh being left behind in the terms of development in the last five years.

Praveen Sharma alleged that the statement of Dr. Manmohan Singh is against the letter and spirit of Federal structure our Indian Democracy. The financial grant given to any state is the right of the state. It is their share in way of taxes and other levies collected by the centre.

Praveen Sharma said that it would have been deemed appropriate that the Prime Minister announced disbursement of the due amount of Rs. 4280-cr as per the Supreme Court’s judgment. Praveen Sharma has also demanded an explanation from the Prime minister regarding the reduction of quota in foodgram and kerosene oil.