Dulo Ram, vice-president, Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP), blamed that both BJP and the Congress had cheated residents of Palampur as all development activities in this town remained suspended for five years.

Dulo Ram was addressing a rally organised by the district unit of the HLP at the local Gandhi Ground blamed BJP for neglecting Palampur in its tenure.

He asked residents of Palampur to not get misled by the false promises of the Congress as well as the BJP. If candidates of these parties were elected again to the state Assembly they would again feed only their henchmen and the common man would be sidelined.

Dulo Ram announced that if he was elected as an MLA from Palampur his top priority would be to grant the district status to Palampur, setting up of new industries, provide employment to youth and providing better health services to people.

He launched scattering attack on both Congress and BJP leaders and said that the BJP in the 2003 and 2008 Assembly elections, announced that it would grant the district status to Palampur if it was voted to power, but nothing was done. He alleged that top BJP leader Shanta Kumar and local MLA Parveen Sharma opposed the reorganisation of districts and hurt the sentiments of seven lakh residents of Palampur.

Dulo Ram questioned BJP’s employment claim and stated that there was not even a single youth from Palampur who got job in state services in the past five years. Jobs were provided only to the “relatives of MLAs and ministers”, he alleged.

HLP leader Dulo Ram is confident for the good show in the Nov 4 election, and claimed that the HLP would emerge as the third front in the state and it would play a vital role in the government formation in the state.