BJP councillors staged a walkout from the Municipal Corporation (MC) House over the issuance of ration cards by the MC in violation of norms of the Food and Civil Supplies Department.

Enraged BJP councillors stalled proceedings of the House as they accused Mayor Sanjay Chauhan of adopting a policy of pick and choose in issuing ration cards. They insisted that ration cards could be issued only on the basis of the submission of residency affidavits.

Most of BJP councillor claimed that some residents of their ward had not been issued ration cards despite the completion of formalities and the submission of documents. Councillor demanded transparency in the issuance of ration cards and the uniform application of the same yardstick.

The record on the issuance of ration cards by the Mayor was examined to validate the BJP accusation. The Mayor admitted that a mistake had been committed unknowingly and assured that corrective action would be taken.

Local BJP legislator Suresh Bhardwaj, who was present in the meeting, demanded a censure motion against the Mayor for favouring certain individuals. It was also decided during the meeting to convene a special MC House to discuss the pending issue of imposition of property tax with the unit area method.