Vikramaditya Singh son of Congress stalwart Virbhadra Singh came into the support of his father and slammed BJP for maligning Singh’s name before of the assembly election. In a statement he alleged that BJP is trying everything possible to gain cheap publicity before the November 4 poll. He said that after seeing the massive turnout and public support to Virbhadra Singh and the entire Congress Party for the ensuing Assembly polls, BJP have now started conspiring and using cheap methods to malign the image of the State Congress Leadership and to defame his persona.

He claimed that the allegations are baseless and fact less and the very timing and the way they are being released one after another at the peak of the election campaign only shows that they are avoiding issue based matters. He alleged that these personal attacks are a desperate last minute attempt to cover their own failures and overshadow the wrongs done by them against the people of Himachal and selling the Interest of the Himachali´s to outsiders. He stated that it will only strengthen the Congress as people of Himachal know the real motive behind it.

Vikramaditya further added that the Congress Party is a party of Principles and has always stood up for the interest of the people of Himachal. He stated that Virbhadra Singh’s political life has been an open book to all Himachali’s. In the past also on the slightest of allegations he resigned from the Union Cabinet on moral grounds as he is a man of integrity & principles. He also attacked on BJP national chief and said that

“What astonishes me the most is that these allegations are coming from the party, whose National President Mr Nitin Gadkari is himself strapped in a slew of serious corruption cases involving his firms, Purti Power & Sugar Ltd and he still holds office”

Singh said that BJP is showing its character and personal attack against Congress stalwart is an act of sheer cowardness. He alleged that BJP is doing it only to divert electors’ attention from the real issues concerning the interest of the people of the State.