Himachal Congress President Virbhadra Singh said that he was ready to face a probe into allegations that he received payments from a private steel firm provided the role of others, including Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is also investigated.

While addressing a party’s rally at Dharamsala, Virbhadra Singh stated that

“My name is Virbhadra Singh and its initials are VS and not VBS as BJP says, but any way as I am ready, let Shiv Raj Chouhan and others be put under the inquiry, I have a clean 50 years of political career, though BJP kept me busy in several cases. But I always come out clear”

Virbhadra Singh was at Dari village in Dharamshala segment to seek support for Congress candidate Sudhir Sharma. He remarked that BJP has no agenda for campaigning and now to gain cheap publicity, they are trying to malign him.

He alleged that the state Govt had not fully utilised the funds provided by the Centre in the last five years and as a result, crores had lapsed. He claimed credit for the cheap ration scheme in the state. He said the scheme was launched by him, but the present government was claiming credit by pasting photographs of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee over carry bags.