The week-long international Kullu Dasehra concluded with the ‘Lanka Dahan’ ceremony. The ceremony was performed near the Beas by the present scion of the erstwhile royal family of Kullu, Maheshwar Singh and his brother Karan Singh.

In the presence of more than 227 devis and devtas in Dhalpur Maidan, the traditional Rath of Lord Raghunath rolled out for the ‘Lanka Dahan’ ceremony. Goddess Hidimba Devi descended to the site of ‘Lanka Dahan’ while other devtas went back to their camps before going back home after the ceremony.

The devis and devtas started their journey back home after the ceremony in the evening to various parts of the Kullu district.

Chief Secretary Sudripto Roy was the chief guest of the occasion. He urged people to protect the colourful tradition of Kullu Dasehra as well as rich folk culture of the state.