Sunday 19 May 2019
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Dhami revolts in Manali, Satya Prakash likely to dent Congress in Kullu

Aggrieved over the ticket denial, Congress leader from Manali Dharamvir Dhami has threatened to revolt against congress official candidate Bhuvneshwar Gaur. He declared that if the party high command did not review its decision in three days’ time he would resign from the party and will contest election as independent.

Congress candidate Bhuvneshwar Gaur is a son of late Rajkishan Gaur, who ruled the Congress politics in Kullu for decades.

On the other hand, rebellion on Kullu seat are coming to fore and congress leader Satya Prakash and his supporters also rebelled against Sunder Thakur and announced that his wife Prem Lata Thakur, a member of the zila Parishad, will contest from Kullu Sadar.

In the second meeting, Satya Prakash, the former minister, who was also a staunch supporter of Virbhadra, but was denied the ticket as he does not fit in the party ticket allotment criteria, held a meeting with his supporters at Bhuntar and decided to rebel against Sundar Thakur, fielded from Kullu Sadar.

Satya Prakash used to contest from Banjar. But some of the panchayats from Banjar were shifted to Kullu Sadar after delimitation and he decided to contest from Kullu. His wife Prem Lata was also in the ticket fray.

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3 thoughts on “Dhami revolts in Manali, Satya Prakash likely to dent Congress in Kullu

  1. Kiran Sharma

    Satya Prakash Thakur and his wife dont have the ability to beat anyone in elections . They lost when the congress wave was in himachal …. THis is stupid .. rather than strengthening the congress and supporting the new candidate they are going in for petty politics..Shame on such congress supporters

  2. himani

    Pettiness is what u have stooped down to,mr Kiran Sharma.Shame on u 4 berating someone of d stature of Th Satya Prakash.He is nt only honest to d core bt has also worked 4 his ppl 24*7.He is a fighter n a surviver . pessimists like u will gt a taste of what he is capable of ,when he wins kullu sadar seat with record margins.ppl of kullu r with him.u r also welcome to join d winning team:) Atharah Kardu re Zaikaar.

  3. Kiran Sharma

    Atharah Kardoo ri zaikaar . Jai mata ranio, Jai devi devta ..

    Miss Himani – Fact 1 – Satya Prakash is not contesting his wife is- he cannot – he did not fit the congress allotment criteria … Fact No. 2 – Honesty is a very good thing to have but Honesty alone doesnt win elections, if it would the stature that you have given to Mr. Satya Prakash would be proven worthy had he been not defeated in the last 3 elections . he would have won if he would have worked 24*7 like u said for Kullu but honestly speaking(pun intended) he did not so he lost 3 times–
    Fact No.3 – i am not ashamed of what i wrote for what i wrote is the truth unless u feel that i am underming religious sentiments and causing group hatred nd u plan to jail me (HAHA) This is the democratic republic of India-and if you honest and true nothing can touch you (some reference to the the cliche of honesty i have used and honestly i have used it too many times) ..what changed from my earlier post is that they are now removed from the membership of the Congress . so yes thats the only thing that changes from my earlier comment rest of it is written quite honestly (OMG i wrote this again) ..- nd yes he is indeed a fighter and survivor but definetely not recommended by the people of kullu in the last 3 assembly elections– so this is like the tagline – Ppl of kullu are not and havent been with him atleast not the majority for a decade now — so like all relationships gone bad he should have moved on..Also thanks for your offer but no thanks for joining the winning team coz the team that you are in has lost 3 times yes 3 times ..i mean over these years if your definition of a winnin team hasnt changed then well you are truly a disillusioned optimistic person which hangs on the very near line of pessimissim…- Jai Bijli Mahadev , Jai mata raniyo .

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