To expedite its campaign for Congress candidate in Jubbal-Kotkhai assembly segment, party workers opened its new office at Deoli. Deoli is happened to be a center place of four big panchayats Pujarli-3, Katiyan, Kothari and Dharala. Senior Congress leader of the region Kalyan Singh inaugurated the office, in which many senior and youth congress workers participated. While addressing the party workers, Singh said that Congress is united in Jubbal-Kotkhai and will come out victorious in the election. He said that in the form of Rohit Thakur, Congress has young and energetic leader, who can lead this segment to the path of development. Later, Congress workers hold meeting, in which they constituted Senior and Youth committee, which will campaign in the region. Om Prakash Ranta, senior Vice-president of Jubbal-Kotkhai presided over the meeting. In the meeting, Jubbal-Kotkhai Congress also constituted campaign committee, which will highlights the grievances of common electors.