Accusations, clarifications, assaults, threats, offenses, defenses, apologies, claims, denials, suspensions, introspections, campaigns, rallies and what not, things have already heated up to create just the perfect combat zone wherein none of the political parties will hesitate to miss any chances of defaming its opponents. While leaders take pride in their achievements and policies, commoners, i.e. voters of HP, want to know the truth behind some core issues they never inquired about until date. The dilapidated road condition in Jubbal-Kotkhai, for example, is one such issue that beseeches some clarifications for sure.

Congress leaders claimed to made some commendable efforts to get INR 110 crores sanctioned for road construction and maintenance in Jubbal-Kotkhai during the Virbhadra Singh regime. Various benefactors, including NABARD, Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana/ Bharat Nirman Yojana, World Band and CRF came forward with aids worth INR 85 crores while State Head provided INR 25 crores through other plans toward road development.

What’s worth noticing here is the fact that during 1998-2003, when BJP was having its government in HP and the center, it extended PMGSY for villages with a population of 1000 and above. Accordingly, Jubbal-Kotkhai was allotted only INR 2 crores toward road development and that too, for five years. However, in 2005, when the UPA took charge and Virbhadra dethroned the BJP government in HP, it brought down this limit to villages with population of 250-500.

On the other hand, the BJP claims that no government other than theirs did anything substantial to improve the road conditions in Jubbal-Kotkhai. However, since commoners won’t ever ignore the facts, we’ll soon come to know how they think about this issue.