Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressed campaign rally at Una, Himachal Pradesh. While addressing the gathering, PM slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party government for lack of development. PM ruled out BJP claim of partiality against Himachal and claimed that whatever development happened in hill state is all due to the financial support provided by the UPA government. PM claimed that in the last three years, Center Govt has increased the central assistance by 30 per cent. He also quashed the allegations of stopping special assistance to Himachal Pradesh and stated that in last three years the assistance has gone up from Rs 200 Crore to Rs 900 Crore.

PM alleged that the BJP government in HP has not done any development work in last 5 years. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asserted that only Congress led Govt can bring Himachal back on development track. Singh stated that only Congress party has worked for the benefit of the people of Himachal Pradesh and urged electors to support Congress party on November 4 poll.