Shimla – Three independent Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) from Himachal Pradesh took their frustration to the forefront on Saturday morning as they staged a protest outside the Assembly Speaker’s chamber. KL Thakur, Ashish Sharma, and Hoshiyar Singh, who had recently submitted their resignations from the Assembly, expressed their discontent with Speaker Kuldeep Pathania’s delay in accepting their resignations.

The trio had tendered their resignations on March 22, prior to their decision to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). However, nearly a week later, their resignations remained unaccepted, prompting the independent MLAs to take drastic action.

Speaking to the media, the independent MLAs criticized the Assembly Speaker’s handling of the situation, accusing him of succumbing to pressure from the government in delaying the acceptance of their resignations. Ashish Sharma, one of the protesting MLAs, highlighted the irony of their situation, noting that while their resignations lingered in limbo, efforts were underway to remove their official signage outside the Assembly.

“The Speaker’s reluctance to accept our resignations is a clear indication of undue influence from the government,” Sharma asserted.

The MLAs have warned of legal action should their resignations not be accepted within the next two days. Discussions have already commenced with legal advisors regarding potential recourse in the courts.

“We are prepared to take this matter to either the Supreme Court or the High Court, if necessary,” stated one of the independent MLAs.

The protest underscores growing tensions within the political landscape of Himachal Pradesh, with the independence of the Speaker’s office called into question. As the standoff continues, all eyes remain on Speaker Kuldeep Pathania and the outcome of the independent MLAs’ ultimatum.