Himachal Pradesh BJP President Satpal Singh Satti has accused Himachal Congress President Virbhadra Singh of suffering from selective amnesia. In a press communique, Satpal Singh Satti said that only yesterday Virbhadra Singh claimed that he had not been practicing a politics of vindictiveness, but forgot that on returning to power in 2003 he had let loose a reign of terror against his political adversaries and made the administration to register a number of criminal cases against Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal and others, he accused. At one time he is on record having himself announced that Prof. Dhumal will be in jail within a fortnight, though that did not happen, only because Dhumal and others had committed no crime.

Satti reminded Virbhadra Singh that on the eve of 2003 Himachal assembly elections the latter had prevailed upon the then Punjab Congress Chief Minister Capt. Amrinder Singh, Congress treasurer Motilal Vohra and others to level unfounded allegations against Prof. Dhumal. Later, after the elections they denied having made any such allegations and apologized. Satti asked Virbhadra Singh to explain what type of politics is it that he and his associates had played then.

BJP state Chief stated that Singh is known to be in the habit of organizing yagnas for harming his political enemies. I have the names of the temples where he had been indulging in such rituals throughout his political life, he added.

Accusing Virbhadra Singh of compromising with principles for the sake of narrow political and electoral gains, Satti said Virbhadra Singh and Maj. Vijai Singh Mankotia had been sworn enemies and bosom friends by rotation. Satti challenged both Virbhadra Singh and Mankotia to let the people know the details of the deal they have struck with each other.