Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP) convener Maheshwar Singh lambasted both the Congress and the BJP on the issue of corruption and said that both parties have failed to protect the rights of the people of state and in many instances they were caught in scandals. Addressing a public meeting at Bihad in the Bhoranj Assembly constituency, Maheshwar Singh said that leaders of both parties are involved in cases of corruption and revelations about the coal scam and other scandals have proved their involvement.

He added that various scams under the UPA government have indicated the involvement of the Congress leaders at the national level and various scandals in the state have brought corruption by BJP leaders to the fore.

He criticised the State Govt for the alleged sale of land to outsiders and giving huge chunks of land to private universities in violation of the land reforms Act. He said that education system and standards in government schools is in dire straits and the state government has done little to improve it, as a result of which private schools are booming.

The HLP leader also alleged that Govt is ignoring the important health sector; he alleged that there are no specialists in many government hospitals and poor patients are being forced to go to private hospitals for treatment. Later in the press conference Maheshwar Singh announced that to expose the misdeed of the BJP Govt, the HLP would hold a demonstration before the Assembly in Shimla on August 29.