Bahra University

Himachal Lokhit Party (HLP) has started to eat into the BJP disgruntle workers. HLP claimed that in the past couple of days it has enrolled more then hundreds of key BJP workers from Nahan, Chintpurni and Hamirpur region. Party sources claimed that former BJP senior leaders Kuldeep Dogra and Mulakraj from Chintpurni have joined HLP. Party also claimed that many of BSP leaders have shown interest to join newly formed party. HLP has already announced to contest on all assembly segments with CPM and CPI under Hiamchal Lokhit Morcha. HLP was formed by Maheshwar Singh with MN Sofat, Shyama Sharma and few other former key BJP members who were with BJP from its inception. As assembly election is few months away HLP is trying every possible move to come up at the Himachal political dais. Though, they have succeed to attract few good leaders and workers from BJP, but still newly formed party has to go long way to recognized as a serious potential front in hill state.