The HP CPM unit has asked for a CBI enquiry into the assets of Gopal Kanda in the state. Besides, his connections with the state leaders also must be probed thoroughly. Senior party leader and Deputy Mayor of Shimla Tikender Singh Panwar claimed that Kanda has a share in one of the private university in the state. The meteoric rise of this businessman turned politician from running a shop to opening an airline depicts the strong relationship in between politicians and the big business entrepreneurs. The party has asked for making public the revelations of his entry into the state and his facilitators in the form of HP politicians who too should be brought to the fore. Their links must be exposed.

The CPM has stated, its principled stand/position of private universities stands vindicated. A Large number of these universities are run by those who have not even an iota of knowledge about education and are de facto to invest their black money in the state. These business entrepreneurs are acquiring land at throw away prices and have developed a landed estate mafia as well in the state of Himachal Pradesh. In the guise of educational institutions they are actually acquiring land for landed estate speculation. The CPIM has asked for the expositions of their intentions. Also their relation with the state power has to be unearthed. Another classic example is of KD Singh who purchased the Himalayan International School and wanted to convert into a hospitality industry. Now the same person is flooding the state with money to build the TMC.

The CPIM has stated, Gopal Kanda episode has exposed the strong nexus in between the politicians and the big business houses. The BJP that has become synonymous to landed estate mafia was one of the facilitator but even the Congress is also exposed in the entire game plan as he is a minister in the Congress government in Haryana which shows the near evenness in both the Congress and the BJP as far as landed estate speculation and loot of the resources of the state is concerned. The party shall campaign against both these forces which are detrimental to the interests of the state.