The Himachal Pradesh CMP unit has again raised its voice against the large number of universities in Himachal Pradesh. CPM has strongly condemned the BJP government of the state for facilitating the plunder and loot of the people and the state’s resources at the behest of the Private Universities. The state has a large number of private universities some of which are de-facto real estate speculators. The party has been consistently advocating for a debate on the spree of opening these private universities and had been demanding that there should be an effective regulatory authority over these universities.

The CPIM’s stand got vindicated when a section of the BJP and Congress also toed the line advocated by the party, despite the fact that both are parties wedded to neo liberalism. The debate over these institutions got appreciation after a large number of people also got themselves involved into it.

The CPIM has stated, the regulatory authority has been made very timid as far as regulation of the mushrooming of these private universities in the state is concerned. The regulation meant; regulating academics, quality of education, faculty, fee structure, admissions, and infrastructure and so on. And when the regulatory authority tried to act the state government interfered in the interests of these institutions.

The CPIM has stated, the formation of an organisation of the private universities and other institutions speaks about their intentions of not being touched upon by the regulatory authority. The management directly approaches the government and the latter becomes the facilitator for their wrongdoing. Whereas, these private universities should be represented by their respective Vice Chancellors. Even admissions for engineering courses after passing 10th were done and still no action was taken against the private universities. Similar anomalies were reported and admitted in the process of admissions in various courses of Phd but not penalty has been imposed.

The party has reiterated the demand of bringing a white paper by the BJP on the private universities in the state.