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Congress leader Brij Behari Lal Butail has criticised the state government for deviating from its original plan for setting up a six-storeyed parking in Palampur. In a press statement Butail said that parking is necessary for city and added that when he was minister in the Congress government, he had mooted the idea for this project and funds were also given to local Municipal Council by the previous government.

He criticised BJP Govt for the lack of development in Palampur and blamed BJP for deviating from the actual plans and accused Govt for giving benefits for private players, as project was being handed over to a private party for setting up a shopping complex in four storeys out of six. Butail said that it was cheating with the public of Palampur and no one would allow the government to go head in this proposal.

Butail alleged that it was evident that the government wanted to oblige a private party. Therefore, it had deviated from its original plan, changed norms and preferred the BOT scheme. He said he had in his possession a copy of the original plan and there was no provision for a shopping complex in it. He asked the Chief Minister to review the decision and threatened to resort to direct action if the government failed to do so.

15 august 2021