Though BJP senior leader Shanta Kumar has agreed to work with Prem Kumar Dhumal, but, the infighting within the party refuses to die down as still Rohru legislator Khushi Ram Balnatah is adamant to its demand of leadership change in the state.

Khushi Ram Balnatah had earlier demanded to change in the leadership and his letter to the party president Nitin Gadkari was leaked to the media and prompted to that, State party chief Satpal Satti had issued show cause notice against him.

In his reply, Khushi Ram Balnatah said that the show-cause notice against him was one-sided and biased, so in protest, he has resigned from BJP’s state Executive, Core Committee as well as the Disciplinary Committee. In his reply to the notice, Rohru legislator said that the action taken against him by the party without knowing his side of the story had left him very hurt and humiliated.

In the show-cause notice, Satpal Satti had charged him for tarnishing the image of the party by leaking the letter to the media, but in his reply, Balnatah sarcastically asked that when in the budget session of the assembly the Congress party did not allow the session to continue and used to shout slogans against the former health minister Rajeev Bindal and Dhumal over corruption, didn’t it spoil the image of the BJP government. He added that corruption charges against government becomes headline of news stories improves party image.

In the past few months, fissure within the state BJP comes to the open as many of its founder leaders had even floated their own political outfit HLP, its senior leader and MP Kangra Rajan Sushant is suspended from the party for speaking against Chief Minister and now senior leader Khushi Ram Balnatah, who was the only BJP leader who had carried saffron flag in strong Congress bastion are on the verge of diminishing as he has been sidelined by the party for speaking against Chief Minister as well. BJP is dreaming to repeat its government in the forthcoming election and if infighting within the party didn’t end it can push party tally to the lowest level in the election.