Himachal Pradesh Congress succeeded to put up united face at its Parivatan Rally at Nahan today as most of its leaders including Congress stalwart Union Minister and five times Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, Union Minister Anand Sharma, PCC Chief Kaul Singh Thakur, Opposition leader Vidya Stokes and many other its leaders attended the rally. Despite the scorching heat, about 15000 people attended it.

While addressing the rally, Virbhadra Singh alleged that BJP led Govt is neck deep in corruption and resignation of Rajiv Bindal is not enough and demanded Chief Minister’s resignation for his Govt involvement in many corruption cases. Virbhadra Singh said that few of BJP leaders have formed a new political outfit and also openly claimed Prem Kumar Dhumal involvement in many corruption cases. He claimed that Congress is on right path to rein power from corrupt BJP and added that when voted into power Congress will thoroughly investigate the misrule of BJP.

Union Minister Anand Sharma also targeted BJP Govt and alleged that State Govt has slowed State development. He blamed BJP Govt for spreading false information about the centre Govt and its distribution of funds. He said that Center Govt has given Himachal its share and Dhumal Govt claim about the insufficient funds from Centre are false and immoral. Kaul Singh Thakur, Vidya Stokes and many other Congress leaders including Chopal MLA, Dr. Subhash Manglate spoke on the occasion. Dr. Subhash Manglate criticized the BJP Govt partial attitude towards the Chopal assembly segment. He said that development of Chopal has paused and in the last four years roads and other basic facilities have deteriorated and common people are suffering hard from it.

The series of Parivatan Rallies are proving good for Himachal Pradesh Congress as its all important leaders are turning up for the rallies. Infighting in State Congress is known to all as many of its leaders are dreaming for the Chief Minister’s post. Many political observers believed that without Virbhadra Singh, Congress cannot stop BJP from its mission repeat; however congress leaders like Kaul Singh Thakur and Vidya Stokes are hoping Centre’s intervention to fulfill their last chance. Although union minister and senior leader Anand Sharma had denied his inclination towards Chief Minister’s post, but his reputation at 10 Janpath doesn’t ruled him out from the race. But before deciding the candidate for Chief Minister’s post, State Congress has tough task to make its tally above 34 as right now it has 23 sitting MLA in assembly and infighting can ruin its chances at as many as 20 assembly segments in Shimla, Solan, Sirmour, Mandi, Kullu and Knagra districts. Therefore State Congress will have to work untidily and will have to work as a team to ensure its candidates win in the election that is scheduled in later this year.