Gen Secretary Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee Kuldeep Singh Rathore has criticised Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal for his statement over JayPee industries in which he had blamed previous Congress Govt for giving clearance for setting up plant at Bagheri in Solan district. Rathore said that Govt had changed the norms set up by the previous Congress Govt and openly flaunted them and for that High Court has punished them with 100-cr penalty.

While addressing media person at Rajiv Bhawan Congress office Shimla, Kuldeep Singh Rathore said that BJP led government is neck deep in corruption and instead of correcting its misdeed of last 4 years of power, BJP is busy blaming Congress. He added that Congress is a party of common people and its only motto is to work for them and give benefits for them by all possible means. Himachal Pradesh has fragile eco-system and Congress knows its importance, so that party had imposed ban on it, but in 2007, when BJP come into the power, it quashed all norms and rules and gave JayPee industries free hand to violate them. Rathore demanded CBI inquiry into all JayPee industries venture in State including its association with HPCA that is run by Hamirpur MLA Anurag Thakur.