Himachal youth congress president election received low turnout today as 40 percent delegates has turned up for the poll. Result will be out of 21 April.

First elected youth Congress president, whose election was cancelled by the FAME, Vikramaditya Singh has sought support for Monika Bharti, whereas arch rival Raghubir Singh Bali has not declared his support to any of six candidates, but instead urged the youth congress delegates to support a person who can built the party from grassroots level.

During the campaign Vikramaditya has worked hard to get first women president for the Youth congress under democratic process, whereas Raghubir Bali has opted out from it, but while asking about it, he smarty dodged the query and said that his work is to strengthen the Party base and he is doing so. He also added that he is party man will do anything to strengthen it. He also rejected the competition with Vikramaditya and said that he is doing his work and Vikramaditya is doing his part.