BJP Vice President Shanta Kumar has advised the state party leaders to desist from making “uncalled for” statements concerning the army on the issue of handing over of Annandale ground to Himachal government as it could further harm the morale of the forces.

Shanta Kumar said that Indian democracy seems to have become “immature and silly day by day” and controversy regarding the date of birth of the Army Chief Gen V K Singh remained public issue for months together and now the issue of Annandale ground has become another matter of hot discussion. He said that Indian army has a glorious history and it is because of them that we sleep in our houses peacefully as they keep vigil on the border. Taking exception to the statement reportedly made by the Army on Annandale issue, the BJP leader said that no military official should have released any statement against Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and if at all there had been a mistake from their side, the statements issued by leaders in retaliation were also unfortunate.

Shanta Kumar said the issue was now with the Prime Minister and the Army Chief, and all leaders should refrain from issuing statements in this regard, keeping in mind that security of the nation was important and significant as compared to cricket ground. He added that before taking the decision, priority should be given to the security of the nation and added that the Himachal leaders to exercise restraint in issuing statements concerning the army.