Himachal Pradesh Cabinet, in its meeting has decided to roll back its decision of taking over control of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) properties. Cabinet also decided to expedite the ongoing investigation before taking further action.

In the meeting, it was felt that as the matter was already pending before the court therefore the earlier decision of taking over HPCA properties should be reverted.

Earlier, in October 2013, State Cabinet had cancelled lease of land to HPCA and following the cabinet approval, district administration taken over its all properties including Dharamshala ground and hotel Pavillion in 26th Oct mid-night.

However, HPCA challenged the government move in Shimla High Court on October 30 terming the government move as unjustified and illegal on the ground that action was initiated without giving HPCA a chance of hearing.

On November 5th, the high court had ruled in favor of HPCA and directed the state government to restore “status quo ante” as on October 26th forthwith.