After receiving criticism from Team Anna, Himachal Pradesh CPIM has strongly ridiculed the BJP government for bringing out a weak Lokayukta bill in the state. Member State Secretariat, Tikender Singh Panwar said that Govt bill is indeed hilarious that the government wanted to mask its face with team Anna’s face pack but the same boomeranged and now the BJP has no space left to cover itself. He added that the cat is out of the bag and the BJP has been thoroughly exposed. Tall claims of achieving awards in governance also have fallen flat with the intentions being clear that it just wants a law against corruption on papers and nothing concrete inside!

The Panwar further added that the party in power has virtually put the state on sale and the most important safeguard of saving Himachal and its wealth-land, because of the land reforms and tenancy act has been deliberately diluted. Not only the period of governance of the BJP has been marked with innumerable corruption charges, scams, scandals cases of violation of tenancy act, there is a nexus that has developed of the politician- bureaucrat-big businessman that works as the fountain head of corruption and also which guides the fundamental provisions of governance in the state and corruption is one of the essential elements.

In the press release CPIM has stated, new forms of amassing and appropriating wealth have been devised by the BJP. One of these, is the complete control and then strangulation of various sports bodies in the state. The prime being cricket; with no second thought and for obvious reasons! These sports bodies have been mechanised to mint money and have become special purpose vehicles in the hands of a few. There is hardly any democracy in them and with the slogan of ‘no politics’ or being ‘apolitical’ serves the larger political interests. It is because of this reason that the state government has opposed the sports act and does not want any transparency in these bodies.

The CPIM has been a thorough campaigner against corruption and has been in the forefront to meet out this challenge. Also the party has been educating the people that it is under the neo liberal era that corruption strives, prospers and grows phenomenally and without posing a challenge to these policies corruption cannot be rooted out and no messiah can become the saviour and eradicate this menace, it is the people who collectively have to struggle against it.

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