“ICE- (Initiative for Cycle Enthusiasts) – Shimla” is a club formed by Ashadeep to promote mountain cycling in Himachal Pradesh. Current members have already organized an event under Ashadeep in Shimla in 2011. Because of the huge response from the youth of Shimla and the poor access to good cycles, it was thought that a club is needed. Among the main objectives of the club are:

To promote cycling as a means of transport as well as fitness in Himachal Pradesh.

To provide youth with a cycling opportunity as an outlet for their energy as well as a means of entertainment.

To give parents the opportunity to send their children in a group containing responsible adults.

To conduct workshops and train members in maintenance of cycles.

To build information, equipment and personnel resources to promote adventure and eco-tourism in Himachal Pradesh.

To promote environmental awareness among members of the club.

To make cyclists and pedestrians aware of their rights.

To give fillip to eco and health friendly life style and also encourage tourists to explore hill state through cycles.

To channelize youth energy in positive direction by involving them in physical strenuous and energising activities.

To give orientation to public mind at large in order to achieve these objectives.

In order to meet these aims the club has laid out the following course of action.


Membership is offered to all riders having completed the age of 12 Years.


The club will organize 4 one-day rides each year for its members. The rides will have competitive as well as non competitive sections. Riders under the age of 16 will ride in a ‘controlled group’ where the maximum speeds will be fixed. The first ride will be held on the 14th of April 2012.

Workshops and service:
The club will organize workshops to train riders for basic maintenance and adjustment of their cycles. The club will also direct and assist riders in getting technical support and spare parts. The club will offer free advice for new cyclists with regards to purchase of cycles.

Those who are interested can contact the club at these numbers.

9418482400 (Sushil Tanwar)President

9816278002 (Kaunal Candillac)

9418027023 (Amit Aggarwal)

9418010127 (Tikender Panwar)