A Central expert committee visited Badaivghat and Kathasu areas of Shimla district to assess the efficiency of the anti-hail gun system installed there. Team was deaded by Horticulture Commissioner Gorakh Singh, the committee members inspected the anti-hail guns installed in the apple belt as part of a pilot project.

The local horticulturists apprised the central team of the efficacy of the system in saving apple and other crops from the vagaries of weather, said officials. A government spokesman said the team was also informed that the Horticulture Department contributed approximately Rs. 2,200 crore to the economy of the State, which was 5.5 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product.

The committee’s visit was a sequel to the recent meeting between state horticulture minister Narinder Bragta and Union Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar to discuss about the Rs. 400-cr Anti-Hail Gun Project.