Chief Minister has declared that Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, will start bionanotechnology from next academic session, which will match the world standard in professional education.

Prem Kumar Dhumal met Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves, Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi and Prof. Ken Golsalves, eminent expert in materials and chemistry from the University of North Carolina, who has joined as Visiting Distinguished Professor in the Institute.

Chief Minister welcomed Prof. Ken Gonsalves to Himachal Pradesh and thanked him for associating himself with the newly opened IIT Mandi. He said that IIT Mandi happened to be a prestigious institution of world class, first of its kind in the State of Himachal, which would be imparting education in nano/bio-materials, renewable energy, IT etc. to upgrade skills of the young professionals under the expert guidance of Prof. Ken Golsalves. He said that Prof. Golsalves holds the position of the Celanese Acetate Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, having research interests in nano/microfabrication for electronics as well as in bionanotechnology. He said that the experimental faculty for nanomaterials and biomaterials was likely to be started at Mandi IIT by September this year. He said that Prof. Gonsalves would also be lending his expertise in development of organic materials for solar energy applications and in transforming light (solar) energy into various types of alternatives such as mechanical motion, based on soft organic materials, similar to tissues in nature.

Chief Minister said that Himachal Pradesh had unique congenial climatic conditions for serious research and studies and Kamand in Mandi happened to be one such location where impressive complex of the Institute was coming up fast. He said that the State Government had not only provided the land for the Institute but also completed all required codal formalities within no time thereby paving the way for starting classes in Mandi itself. He said that adequate accommodation had been provided in Mandi town to start classes and residential facilities to the teaching faculty and student hostels and most likely by middle of current year most of the students would shift to new campus and by July next year entire campus would be fully functional. He said that a new research park had also been proposed adjacent to IIT under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ken Gonsalves to teach students new emerging scientific disciplines.

Chief Minister congratulated Prof. Timothy A.Gonsalves, Director of the Institute for inviting experts in different fields from the world over to make Himachal Pradesh a hub of world class vocational courses. He assured them that the State Government would be extending all possible help in making the functioning of the Institute smoother.

Prof. Ken Gonsalves, apprised the Chief Minister of the setting up of proposed Research park and educate young scientists in the latest technology of nano/bio materials, renewable energy and IT etc. thereby promoting non-conventional energy as alternate energy to meet power requirements. He said that a workshop had been planned for June on the topic with special focus on Himachal Pradesh, which was likely to be attended by eminent scientists from prestigious institutes.