Himachal High Court summons Shimla officials on illegal parking


Taking strong action over illegal parking of tourist vehicles in Shimla’s auto-free zones on New Year’s Eve, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has summoned top administrative and police officials.

A division bench of Justice Deepak Gupta and Justice Sanjay Karol directed Shimla’s district magistrate and the superintendent of police to be present in court Friday with records regarding permissions granted to the motorists to park vehicles in restricted areas. Bench said

“We were shocked to find that vehicles were parked in the sealed and restricted areas. Not only this, the vehicles were also parked in the core area of Shimla town. There was, in fact, double parking on this road,”

The judges, while taking up a petition of the town’s problem of vehicular traffic, said: “On inquiry, we were told that some orders have been passed by the district magistrate and the superintendent of police, permitting the tourists to park their vehicles in these areas/roads.”

“It’s expected that the officials, especially the district magistrate and the superintendent of police, enforce the law. It’s not expected that they themselves start violating the law,” the judges added.