Tuesday 23 April 2019
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Union Minister Virbhadra Singh to campaign for bye-elections in two phase

Union Minister Virbhadra Singh will campaign for the coming Renuka and Nalagarh Assembly bye-elections in two phases. From November 18 to 20 Virbhadra Singh will address 10 public meetings and two workers’ meetings in the Renuka constituency. The public meetings will be held at Jamukoti, Barag, Naya Pinjaur, Nani Dhar, Rohnat, Koti Baunch, Jarwa, Ghandori, Boghdhar and Barog. Workers’ meetings will be held at Charana and Lana Cheta. In the second phase, Minister will address big public meetings from November 26 to 28 in both Renuka and Nalagarh.

Virbhadra Singh’s presence in the bye-election will be an energizing factor for workers and it will help congress candidates to increase their tally in the election.

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