Raghubir Bali, son of Congress stalwart G S Bali, sensing irregularities in Youth Congress election and waiting for the report from an independent poll watch body that is reportedly looking into complaints of irregularities in the elections. The body, FAME (Foundation for Advanced Management of Elections), has reportedly been roped in by AICC general secretary, Rahul Gandhi to monitor the Youth Congress polls.

In the first ever election for the youth congress body, Vikaramaditya Singh was elected president of the state Youth Congress with huge margin. Raghubir Bali trailed second in the election and Manmohan Singh Katoch came third.

Junior Bali alleges that FAME – a body headed by former chief election commissioner J M Lyngdoh has received complaints that senior leader of the State has worked for a particular candidate outright and added that if it’s true then it is against the main purpose of the youth election. This is first time when Congress party has conducted election for its youth body. About 11,500 elected delegates voted in the election.