Chief Electoral Officer Narender Chauhan informed that photo electoral rolls for 16-Renuka (SC) Assembly Constituency with 1st January 2011 as qualifying date would be verified in the Special Gram Sabha meetings on 7th October 2011. He said that Electoral Registration Officer cum SDO Civil Nahan has appointed booth level officers for the purpose.

Chief Electoral Officer urged all the voters of the 16-Renuka (SC) Assembly Constituency to attend their respective Gram Sabha meetings at 11 am on 7th October 2011 to verify their names and to get them registered in case they have been left out. He further informed that they could fill up form 6 along with photograph and added that form-7 could be filled up to delete the names of the deceased voters or those who shifted their residence. Form-8 could be submitted for corrections if any, he added. Narender Chauhan said that voters could visit the website of election department or contact on toll free number 0177-1950 for further information.