Deputy Director of Agriculture Kul Bhushan said in a meet-the-press programme under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Ritesh Chauhan that a budget of Rs 2.36 crore has been allotted to the Bilaspur district for setting up poly houses in the district. He added that 900 poly houses had been constructed till now in Bilaspur district. He said this scheme was fetching a good annual income for farmers and, on an average, the income of every poly house owner had grown by at least three times in much less land. The only condition was that there must be provision of water in this land.

He said 1,180 farmers were being given loans and subsidy worth Rs 2.32 crore (with 80 per cent subsidy component) for setting up sprinklers and drip facility. He added that from the current year bamboo-based poly houses, which were at least 66 per cent cheaper for the same area (though these have half of the life of the iron-based poly houses), were also being set up for those who would opt for these due to the availability of bamboo in their villages. Seventyseven bamboo poly houses had been set up till now this year in the district.