Apple season is on its peak, still all major and minor roads are in bad condition. The condition of Theog-Rohru road is deteriorating by the day and is subject to regular jams at many places. There are even five to six feet long pits in the road, even big trucks find it difficult to negotiate them. Road at places like Praunthi, Sundali, Khadapathar, Nihari and a few patches near Kotkhai Market and Gumma need quick attention else they cause a major threat to life and property.

The condition 90 KM long state highway 8 that connects Sainj Chopal Nerwa Shallu is also in dilapidated condition. Apple growers are facing problem to send their crop into the market. Regular landslide are causing problem on the Moraog road. All connecting roads of Chopal constituency are facing landslide which is causing problem to the apple growers.