The construction work of 36 MW Chanju-I project will start from tomorrow. Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh Prem Kumar Dhumal will lay foundation stone of the project on May 14.

Chanju-I project is contemplated as a run- of- the river scheme at Chanju nullah, a tributary of the Baira stream in the Ravi basin. The project area falls under Tikrigarh and Baghaigarh Panchayats of Churah region. It envisages utilization of water of Chanju nallah through a maximum gross head of 244.15 m for generation of 36 MW of power in a surface Power House located approximately 175 m upstream of Bhaled weir of Baira Suil HEP. The project comprises of a diversion weir across Chanju Nallah at about 100 m downstream of the confluence of Chanju and Bhararu nallahs, twin intakes, twin feeder/connecting tunnels, twin desilting basins approximately 80 m long, a headrace tunnel approximately 5186 m concrete lined 190 m steel lined, a 140.4 m long surface penstock of 2.3 m diameter trifurcating near the powerhouse into 1.2 m diameter branch penstocks to feed three vertical axis Francis turbine generating units of 12 MW each to generate 36 MW of power in a surface power house. The water from turbines is proposed to be discharged into Chanju nallah through a box type tail race channel. A 132 kV surface Switchyard is proposed on the upside of the power house.

The project will be able to generate 152.86 Gwh of energy in 90% dependable year at 95% machine availability. The power generated is proposed to be injected at Nakrod through LILO arrangement in to 132 KV D/C Kurthala – Bathri line. The project has recently been accorded Environment clearance & Forest clearance in principal.

The project is promoted by the Goel Group that is chaired by the Suresh Goel. The group is having diversified activities mainly in Steel & Power business for the last 20 years and of late has diversified in hydro power generation business. With the allotment of Chanju-I Project, the company is all set to meet the challenges of Hydro Power. Project organization is looking to transform this far flung area into the prosperity and also willing to contribute to its development. Management announced that the project affected area will get an amount of Rs 4.36 crores for Local Area Development Activities. The company has promised to construct a bridge on baghai Nallaha at its own cost. The company is committed to sponsor college and hostel fees of 30 students to be sent to engineering graduation, diploma & ITI courses from the project affected area in a duration of next two years. The company has plans of organizing regular health checking camps for local people and Talent search events for students with the help of local administration

The project is likely to create employment opportunities for local people of this backward area. The company is committed for taking up social and economical development of the influenced villages of the area which include strengthening of existing educational and medical institutions, development of basic infrastructure of the area, which will further help to boost the standard of living of localities. The company is seeking locals’ co-operation.

36 MW Chanju-I project will be another milestone in the Hydroelectric power generation and a welcome step to achieve the state’s 23000MW identified potential.