(Mahesh Chander Sharma) Acting on the latter written by Rajat Sharma (A student of plus two of Govt Secondary School Mahadev Sundernagar Distt Mandi) regarding the harassment caused students on the day of Holi due to Examination, addressed to Chief Justice of Himachal High Court, the High court has forwarded the letter to Director (Secondary Education) for appropriate action and further asked to submit report in the matter.

On March 19th on the day of Holi in various parts of Himachal the applicant appeared in examination and observed that lakhs of students have to face harassment so he wrote a letter to Chief Justice Kurian Joseph alleging that every year exams of schools were conducted in the Month of March and Holi festival also falls in the same Month.
It was further alleged in the latter that in Himachal Pradesh as per local customs at few places this festival of colors was celebrated one or two days prior and at other places it ended about one or two days after the actual date.

But the boards and school authorities never foresee this problem being faced by lakhs of students and fix examinations on these days and due to that students faces inconvenience as the other persons who were playing Holi apply colors on them while going to schools and coming home despite protest and as a result of that The Victim could not perform properly in the examinations. Mostly the girls used to be more sufferers and some times the matters have to reported in police but the police also act afterwards and a lot of harassment used to caused to students which could be compensated otherwise. In the latter it was requested that necessary directions to the authorities concerned be passed not to fix examinations

Yesterday applicant received a latter dated 24-3-11 from Registrar General Cum Principal Secretary to Chief Justice , Himachal Pradesh High Court Shimla which reveled that the latter written by applicant was forwarded to the Director ( Secondary Education) for appropriate action the High Court has also asked the authority to submit report in the matter.