(Ripu Daman Kapil) Old persons after the age of seventy plus must keep themselves away from elections and I shall like to bring youth ahead. These words were spoken by congress party state president Thakur Kaul Singh in a party program organized by Deepak Sharma at Paploh, Barsar sub-division of Hamirpur district. He had given a lesson to party worker for unity and advised them to work collectively at booth level to strengthen the party. On other hand above cited statement gives an indication that Kaul Singh will like to keep away in next elections the former chief minister Virbhadra Singh. He attacked present state government and allege it as most corrupt government in the state so for. Thakur said that the government has claimed before court that 62 officers of its machinery are involved in serious corruption cases. Not only this, their party MP and MLA are themselves putting corruption charges on the government. He added that we have to do nothing; the Dhumal government will lie down due to the internal fight of the party. He alleged that section 118 is misused and land is sold to other state non eligible persons. He also attacked on the government on the issue of education Board scam and private business going on the name of educational institutions. He claimed that forests are spoiled and center environment department have issued a notice to the government but Dhumal government is not seeking any action inspite of that too. He also wants to know that in the state thirteen private universities are going to be established. Out of those only two establishments have UGC permission and for rest a term of fifteen years is placed to run them. He added that we are feeling a smell of any fraud here too. Party spokesman and organizer of this program Deepak Sharma get distributed about eighteen ceiling fans to poor families by the hand of the chief guest of this program. Before this a war welcome was given to chief guest but party in two groups appeared openly.