Sangla – A sudden increase in the water level of the Baspa River on Sunday night has put the Kinnaur district on high alert, triggering panic among residents living near the Sutlej River, including Baspa. The administration responded swiftly, using loudspeakers to warn people living near the riverbanks to stay away from the water until the situation stabilizes.

The Kinnaur administration was first alerted to the rising water levels on Sunday evening by the ITBP check post at Nagasti. The administration immediately began informing the public, urging them to avoid the river and remain cautious.

As per information, by late Sunday evening, the Baspa River’s water level had begun rising, reaching 159 cusecs by 9 pm—a substantial increase from the normal level of 109 cusecs.

Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Kinnaur, informed that Quick Response Teams (QRT) from the Army, ITBP, NDRF, Police, and Home Guard are on standby with the necessary equipment to manage any potential disaster. Additionally, a control room has been set up at the district headquarters, operating 24/7 to coordinate emergency responses. Residents are encouraged to report any emergencies by calling the helpline number 1077.

The rapid response and preparedness of the Kinnaur administration highlight their commitment to safeguarding the residents amidst the challenges posed by the rising river levels. As the situation develops, authorities will continue to provide updates and necessary support to ensure public safety.