CID to Investigate the Devni Assault Case

Nahan – In the wake of recent developments surrounding the missing Sirmaur Police Head Constable Jasvir, the police department has announced a departmental enquiry. Head Constable Jasvir, who was found after reportedly hiding deliberately, has been implicated in a series of misconducts, including allegations of bribery.

During a press conference on Saturday, CID Crime DIG Dr. DK Chaudhary revealed that Jasvir was discovered lying near a tubewell in Narayangarh, Haryana. The revelation came after the police applied pressure on his family and acquaintances, leading to his recovery. DIG Chaudhary said that mobile location data became a crucial factor in locating Jasvir.

The head constable had maintained contact with his family throughout his disappearance, DIG Chaudhary said. He further added that on Friday evening, police acted on the information and brought Jasvir back to Nahan. Jasvir, who was unwell upon his return, was admitted to Medical College Nahan. His official statement is yet to be recorded.

DIG CID Crime Dr. DK Chaudhary acknowledged the negative impact this incident has had on the police department’s image. He said that a departmental enquiry would be launched to address the misconduct and restore public trust.

Criticism of Jasvir’s Actions and Bribery Allegations

SP Meena criticized Jasvir for making the video viral instead of conducting a proper investigation. He pointed out that if Jasvir felt pressured by district officials, he should have escalated his concerns to higher authorities within the Himachal Police. Meena stressed that Jasvir’s actions have disrupted the police force’s functioning and damaged its reputation.

Responding to the allegations made by Jasvir regarding the imposition of section 307 (attempt to murder) in the assault case, SP Meena clarified that these claims were baseless. Jasvir had been instructed to investigate the matter properly, and his deviation from these instructions is now a subject of investigation.

Adding to the complexity of the case, SP Sirmaur Raman Kumar Meena disclosed that Jasvir is accused of taking a bribe of Rs 45,000. A complaint was lodged against him on 17 May, supported by an audio recording provided by the complainant.

CID to Investigate the Devni Assault Case

In a related development, SP Sirmaur Raman Kumar Meena announced that the CID would take over the investigation of the assault case in Devni of Kala Amb. This incident, involving an attack by individuals from Punjab, was connected to the head constable’s controversial actions. A video of the assault highlighted the severity of the attack and raised questions about his handling of the situation.