Drug Control Administration Forms Task Force to Investigate Smilax and Biogenetic Companies’ Operations

In a startling revelation, pharmaceutical giants Smilax and Biogenetic find themselves embroiled in a controversy surrounding the alleged illicit sale of banned drugs across state borders. The companies, previously regarded as pillars of the pharmaceutical industry, now face intense scrutiny and accusations of regulatory violations.

The Drug Control Administration has formed a task force to delve into the operations of both companies. Led by seasoned investigators and drug control experts, this task force is tasked with uncovering any potential breaches of drug regulations and ensuring accountability within the pharmaceutical sector.

The allegations against Smilax and Biogenetic stem from reports of medicines being distributed in Punjab without the requisite information to law enforcement and regulatory authorities. Such actions not only contravene established protocols but also raise serious concerns regarding public health and safety.

Recent raids conducted by Punjab Police at the premises of both companies have yielded damning evidence, including the discovery of banned medicines and irregularities in documentation. These findings have prompted legal action against the companies, with show-cause notices issued and the prospect of further repercussions looming large.

Of particular concern is the potential nexus with the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, as authorities investigate claims of illegal drug sales beyond authorized jurisdictions. The implications of such violations extend far beyond mere regulatory oversight, posing significant challenges to law enforcement agencies and public health authorities alike.