Sundernagar – Himachal Pradesh BJP candidate Kangana Ranaut pulled no punches in her recent campaign rally, labelling the Congress party as a persistent ailment inherited from the colonial past. Ranaut’s impassioned speech in Sundarnagar market resonated with fervent criticisms of the Congress and its historical legacy.

Ranaut’s scathing remarks delved into the roots of Congress, attributing its origins to the colonial era and characterizing it as a relic of British rule. She didn’t shy away from highlighting what she viewed as a series of missteps and oppressive governance by Congress leaders over the decades.

“The Congress party is a disease left by the British,” Ranaut declared boldly, framing her critique within the context of India’s struggle for independence and subsequent political developments. She pointed to figures like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, accusing them of perpetuating authoritarian rule and nepotism.

“Sardar Patel’s rightful claim to the Prime Ministership was usurped by Nehru,” Ranaut asserted, drawing attention to what she saw as a historical injustice. She continued her indictment, citing instances of dictatorial rule under Indira Gandhi and alleged abuses of power by the Gandhi family dynasty.

Ranaut’s critique wasn’t limited to the past, as she aimed at contemporary Congress leaders, including Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. She ridiculed their political rhetoric and actions, painting them as out-of-touch elites disconnected from the concerns of the common populace.

However, Ranaut’s fervour wasn’t confined to criticism alone. She also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a beacon of hope and progress, contrasting his leadership with what she perceived as the stagnation and decay within the Congress ranks.

“Modi ji represents a new direction for India, away from the shadows of the past,” Ranaut proclaimed, rallying supporters with her endorsement of the BJP’s vision for the country.