Shimla – In a stern critique of the current state administration, BJP State President Dr. Rajiv Bindal has openly condemned the governance of Chief Minister Sukhu, highlighting a severe deterioration in law and order across Himachal Pradesh. Dr. Bindal’s remarks come amidst growing concerns over police inefficacy and escalating criminal activities under CM Sukhu’s rule, who also serves as the Home Minister.

“Chief Minister Sukhu himself is the Home Minister, but under his rule, the condition of Himachal Police and law and order has become deplorable,” stated Dr. Bindal. He pointed to recent distressing incidents that illustrate the troubling state of law enforcement in the region. Police officers in Sirmaur appear powerless, while the murder of a police officer in Chamba has further underscored the lawlessness prevailing in the state.

Dr. Bindal cited a particularly shocking case where an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) was brutally murdered just 80 meters from Kihar police station in Chamba. The ASI suffered a fatal head injury from a stick, leading to his collapse and death. The incident came to light on Wednesday morning when residents discovered the body and notified the police. This brutal murder, so close to a police station, epitomizes the dire state of security in Himachal Pradesh, suggesting that the state is now “running on God’s mercy.”

Adding to the controversy is a video involving a head constable from Sirmaur Police, which has sparked widespread outrage. In the video, the head constable accuses his superiors of pressuring him to escalate charges in a recent FIR to more severe, non-bailable offenses under Section 307. He expressed experiencing severe mental stress and revealed threats of suspension if he failed to comply. Disturbingly, this head constable has since gone missing, raising fears for his safety.

Dr. Bindal also highlighted a surge in criminal activities across the state, including kidnappings at gunpoint and ransom demands. He accused the Congress government of failing to maintain peace and security in Himachal Pradesh, alleging that the once peaceful state is now marred by insecurity and mafia activities.