Shimla – In a surprising turn of events, Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh of the Sukhu government in Himachal Pradesh tendered his resignation on Wednesday, citing neglect of accountability and suppression of the voices of fellow MLAs during the past year. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the state assembly complex, where Singh expressed his dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of various issues.

Singh highlighted the alleged ignorance of MLAs during significant events throughout the year and claimed that their voices were unjustly stifled. Furthermore, he disclosed that notices were issued to officers in his department regarding a foundation stone laying case, prompting him to step down.

During the emotionally charged press conference, Vikramaditya Singh drew parallels with the political journey of Virbhadra Singh, stating, “Virbhadra was CM six times, but no place was found for his statue on the ridge. I am hurt by this.” He expressed his intentions to discuss his future course of action with the public and emphasized his plan to submit his resignation to the Governor.

Singh accused the present government of attempting to humiliate him multiple times, pointing to a recent incident involving the breaking of foundation-laying magazines. He broke down in tears while addressing the media, underscoring the emotional toll these incidents have taken on him.

In the backdrop of Singh’s resignation, political turmoil has escalated in Himachal Pradesh, particularly after the Rajya Sabha seat was claimed by the BJP. Jairam Thakur, the Leader of the Opposition, along with the BJP legislature party, met with Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla at Raj Bhavan on Wednesday morning. They demanded a division of votes for the budget in the House, contending that the current government lacks the moral right to stay in power.

Jairam Thakur, addressing the media after meeting the Governor, stated, “This government does not have the moral right to remain in power.” The BJP legislature party submitted a letter to the Governor, outlining various issues and further contributing to the growing political uncertainty in the state.

The political landscape in Himachal Pradesh remains unpredictable, and all eyes are now on the high command, as Priyanka Gandhi has reportedly informed Mallikarjun Kharge about the developments of the last two days, indicating that the Congress high command will need to make crucial decisions in the coming days.