Shimla, Narkanda, Manali: Himachal’s Top Picks Amidst Snowfall Delight

In a heartening turn of events, Himachal Pradesh is experiencing a remarkable revival in its tourism sector following the season’s first snowfall. After a sluggish start to the year due to a lack of snow in January, the state is now witnessing a surge in tourist arrivals, bringing life back to the picturesque landscapes.

Popular destinations like Shimla, Narkanda and Manali have emerged as the top picks for tourists seeking the magical charm of snow-covered vistas. The snowfall has not only transformed these locations into winter wonderlands but has also reignited the interest of travellers, drawing them to explore the beauty of Himachal in its snow-clad glory.

The resurgence is evident in the surge of advance bookings for hotel rooms, indicating a positive trend for the hospitality industry. Travel enthusiasts are not only securing accommodation but are also opting for comprehensive travel packages to make the most of their winter escapades.

Beyond hotels, the ripple effect of this tourism upswing is touching various sectors. Taxi services, guides, photographers, and horse handlers associated with the tourism business are witnessing increased demand for their services. The Kalka to Shimla train route has reported a rise in the number of tourists, and luxury buses from major cities are operating at full capacity.

The Travel Agents Association reports a surge in bookings for popular destinations like Shimla, Narkanda, Manali, and others due to the snowfall. Tourists, eagerly awaiting the snow, are expected to keep the state’s tourist spots buzzing throughout February, injecting vitality into the local economy.

The demand for taxis for sightseeing has seen a notable spike, and there is a growing need for vehicles for pick-up and drop services. This surge in the taxi business during the winter tourist season marks a significant turnaround for the region.

In the state capital, after the recent snowfall, the number of tourists for the upcoming weekend has seen a substantial rise. Approximately 40 percent of hotel rooms have already been booked in advance, with expectations of reaching 60 percent by Saturday. Tourists flocked to the ridge grounds to witness the snow, bringing joy and excitement to the region. Tourists also ventured to popular snowfall sites like Kufri and Narkanda to make the most of the winter spectacle.

The resurgence in tourism is providing a much-needed economic boost to the region, bringing relief to various sectors that depend on the influx of visitors during the winter season.