In a pioneering initiative aimed at bolstering road safety, the Kiratpur-Nerchowk highway has introduced an advanced Digital Traffic Management System to combat speed violations effectively. This innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology to monitor and enforce speed limits rigorously, ensuring a safer driving experience for all commuters.

The newly implemented Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) is set to play a pivotal role in curbing speed violations on the four-lane stretch. The system, consisting of four strategically placed checkpoints at Kainchimod, Mandi-Bharadi, Auhar, and Tehra Tunnel, will automatically issue challans through an online platform whenever a vehicle surpasses the designated speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour.

DSP Headquarters Bilaspur, Madan Dhiman, highlighted the significance of this digital leap, emphasizing that the ITMS is designed to enforce compliance with speed regulations seamlessly. The proactive stance against overspeeding is expected to contribute substantially to reducing road accidents and promoting a disciplined driving culture.

The digital eye of the ITMS is a real-time monitoring solution that offers swift and efficient detection of speed violations. Once a vehicle breaches the prescribed speed limit, the system triggers an automatic challan, making the process hassle-free and eliminating the need for manual intervention.

With road safety at the forefront, the Kiratpur-Nerchowk highway’s adoption of the Digital Traffic Management System aligns with contemporary approaches to traffic control. Motorists are urged to adhere to the specified speed limits, recognizing that the ITMS is a crucial tool in fostering responsible driving practices.

DSP Madan Dhiman affirmed the commitment to ensuring a secure driving environment on the four-lane highway, asserting that the ITMS represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. As technology takes center stage in traffic management, the Kiratpur-Nerchowk highway sets an example for other regions, showcasing the potential of digital solutions in creating safer road networks.

The integration of the Digital Traffic Management System marks a paradigm shift in the monitoring and enforcement of speed limits on the Kiratpur-Nerchowk highway. This digital vigilance not only enhances the safety of commuters but also underscores the importance of leveraging technology to address contemporary challenges in transportation and road safety.