Shimla: The SJVN, a prominent player in the hydroelectric power sector, has secured the rights to five hydro projects with a combined capacity of 5097 MW in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The announcement was made by Nand Lal Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director of SJVN.

The Government of Arunachal Pradesh, recognizing the expertise and commitment of SJVN, has allocated five hydro projects situated in the tributaries of the Dibang River. The projects include the 3097 MW Etalin, 680 MW Attunli, 500 MW Emini, 420 MW Amulin, and 400 MW Mihumdon.

These projects were previously assigned to private power developers; however, due to reported sluggish progress and lack of interest, the Government of Arunachal Pradesh decided to terminate the memorandums of agreement with these private players. Subsequently, the projects were handed over to central public sector undertakings, with SJVN emerging as a prominent recipient.

The reallocation to SJVN offers new hope for timely completion and efficient implementation of these crucial projects. In addition to SJVN, other central public sector undertakings such as NEEPCO, NHPC, and THDC have also been assigned hydro projects in the region.

The government’s endorsement of SJVN’s proposition of One Basin One Developer has further solidified the company’s position in Arunachal Pradesh. This approach ensures optimal resource utilization and streamlines the development process by allocating all five hydro projects in the Dibang Basin to SJVN. The ambitious venture is estimated to involve an investment of over Rs. 50,000 crores and is projected to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 1.1 Million Tonnes per year once the projects become operational.