Shimla – The Himachal Pradesh Cabinet took significant strides towards fostering job creation and bolstering healthcare facilities across the state. With a keen focus on addressing critical needs, the Cabinet approved a series of impactful decisions aimed at facilitating employment opportunities and improving healthcare access for the public.

One of the key decisions taken by the Cabinet was the creation and filling up of 136 additional posts of nursing and para-medical staff. This move is set to pave the way for the full functionality of the Trauma Centre and Emergency Medicine Department at IGMC, Shimla. Additionally, six related departments, including Neurosurgery, Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, and General Surgery, will now operate in three shifts.

In an effort to boost employment opportunities, the Cabinet gave its approval to fill up 87 vacant posts across various Municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayats in Himachal Pradesh. This measure aims to reinforce administrative capabilities at the local level, streamlining governance and enhancing public service delivery in urban areas.

Recognizing the importance of effectively managing natural calamities, the Cabinet decided to establish a Project Management Unit within the Revenue Department. As part of this decision, 14 posts of different categories will be created and filled up to support the unit’s operations.

Addressing the needs of the judicial system, the Cabinet approved the creation of posts for Assistant District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys. These appointments are set to enhance the efficiency of the judiciary, especially for the newly established Civil and Additional District and Session Courts.

To augment the effectiveness of the Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission, the Cabinet sanctioned the creation and filling up of seven posts of various categories. This strategic decision aims to strengthen the Commission’s recruitment and selection processes, ensuring a more streamlined and transparent approach to public service appointments.

In a move to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of Special Police Officers stationed in border areas, the Cabinet approved an honorarium enhancement of Rs. 500 per month.

The Cabinet also approved the draft Himachal Pradesh Municipal Corporations, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat Maintenance of Parivar Register Rules, 2023. This important step is designed to maintain comprehensive records of families residing in urban areas, facilitating effective urban planning and development in the state.