Agriculture Minister Prof. Chander Kumar and Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi accused former Chief Minister and current Leader of Opposition Jai Ram Thakur of only focusing on the development of his assembly constituency Seraj and ignoring other parts of the state during his tenure.

In a joint statement issued today, Prof. Chander Kumar and Jagat Singh Negi advised Thakur to adopt a more inclusive approach and prioritize the overall welfare of the state, rather than limiting his concerns to his own constituency.

Furthermore, the ministers alleged that Thakur failed to fill vacant posts of teachers and other government employees during his regime, causing a shortage of staff in the state. However, the present state government has given approval to fill up about 5,300 posts of teachers in the Elementary Education Department, and steps are being taken to address the shortage of staff in other departments as well, they said.

Drawing attention to the state’s financial situation, Chander Kumar and Jagat Singh Negi blamed Thakur’s previous government for accumulating a substantial amount of debt for Himachal Pradesh.