Violence and democracy do not go together, Dissent has to be expressed in a peaceful manner: Naidu

The Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu has called for an enlightened and constructive debate on issues such as CAA, NRC and NPR and urged the people to study in-depth and fully understand the background before reacting to any issue.

Inaugurating the Birth Centenary Celebrations of the late Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh, Dr. M. Channa Reddy in Hyderabad, the Vice President said that violence and democracy do not go together and cautioned the people to not get carried away in this age of fake news.

As regards CAA, NRC and NPR, the people of the country should have an enlightened, meaningful and constructive discussion and not jump to hasty conclusions. Ours is a mature democracy and there is no place for violence in it, the Vice President stressed.

Stating that dissent or disagreement has to be expressed in a constructive, democratic and peaceful manner, he recalled that Mahatma Gandhi had eschewed violence in all its forms even in the face of most daunting challenges. “While protesting against the British rule, he remained civil even to his adversary. He called off Non-Cooperation Movement after Chauri Chaura incident which had turned violent”, he pointed out.

The Vice President stressed the need for maintaining the dignity of Parliament and Legislatures and raising the standards of the debates. He said that personal attacks should not be made, while policies could be criticized.

Referring to the governance system, the Vice President called for reforming it constantly in tune with people’s aspirations. He emphasized that transparency, accountability and people-centric policies were essential to provide good governance.

PIB has also released a Graphics about the CAA and NRC.