The Himachal Pradesh State Cooperative Bank has suspended manager and three clerks of the Janjehli branch over allegations of fraud. The bank management has taken significant action in the matter and has also started a special audit of the branch. Criminal action against the involved employees will be taken as soon as the investigation is completed.

After suspending the peon of the branch last week, the bank has now suspended the entire staff of the Janjehli branch, including Branch Manager Sundar Lal, clerk Nikka Ram, Jeevan Singh, and Akshay Katwal. The Managing Director of the bank, Shravan Manta, said that action has been taken against the entire staff of the Janjehli branch of district Mandi after the completion of a preliminary investigation.

The bank’s Managing Director has instructed the branch to conduct an internal and special audit of the Janjehli branch and submit the report within 15 days. The Managing Director has also assured the account holders of the Janjehli branch that the bank will give a full account of the embezzled amount. The amount, along with interest, will be returned in a fixed period.